What we do

Verace believes in cutting edge reporting, in information that is not just good to know but actionable and which can be used to gain market share.

We understand that diagnosis and prognosis are equally important for a company and hence we take extreme care and precaution to ensure that there are no black boxes. Valuable information, and not just data thrown, in simple, easy to read, and timely reports are our thrust areas.

We have superior data collection processes (including Face to Face, CATI and CAPI) and web-based/ online research. We have processes in place that ensure quality data reaches us on time, and hence enabling us to arrive at actionable insights.

Key Drivers

Cutting Edge Reporting

1. Dashboards: We will provide a value-added dashboard which will help in easy slicing and dicing of the data.
2. Global on-line Data collection
3. Data Analysis and integration
4. Advanced data analytics and data mining

Superior Methods for Insight Activation

1. Kano Analysis
2. Benefit Structure Analysis
3. Feature Ranking Analysis