Qualitative Research

Ethnographic Research

Ethnography is a kind of research conducted within the context of consumer experience, social interaction, behaviors and perceptions in the real world within teams, groups, organizations, and communities. It helps to understand the consumer’s environment through direct observation and exploration of their social, economic and cultural aspects which affects and influences their product selection and uses traditionally in consultation with an experienced Qualitative moderator.

Our Ethnography Market Research team is well trained and highly experienced in conducting Ethnography studies and always adheres to the following basic principles and techniques:

  • Screening the respondents and understanding their culture and life story before commissioning the projects with them
  • Carefully selecting respondents
  • Capturing video and audio evidence where ever possible
  • Allowing participants to be in their context which defines their natural habitat
  • Using the channels with which the participant is comfortable and confident.
  • Carefully using and exercising the techniques which allow the respondents to express themselves easily without any constraints
  • Using projective techniques such as usage of drawings, poetry & creative writing to get under all the layers of consumer behaviour