Market Development

“Beyond obvious research on the market – size, growth, competitor analysis, new product developments, it’s important not to underestimate demographic, business environment, economic and consumer-related factors that can impact market potential.”


When getting to know your market, it’s important that you also learn about the social, cultural and political climate. Market Research explores all of the rules that could affect your product and how you produce and deliver it. We help you identify entry modes. During the market research phase we collect and systemise information about the market you are about to enter.


The strongest competitive force or forces determine the profitability of an industry and become the most important to strategy formulation. The most salient force, however, is not always obvious. With Market Research, you can identify these salient forces. Verace believes in thorough analysis that can provide you with information on the direction you should take for your company.


Staying ahead of the trends ensures share gain in highly competitive markets. The process of trying to increase your market share is a continuous one. You can never stop trying to win new customers. After all, your competitors are probably trying to win your customers over right now. Market Research ensures that you stay on top of your innovation continuously.

Research helps you narrow down attractive markets, market potential based on segmentation and future prospects. You lure customers away from your competitors by establishing differentiation between yourself and them, increasing advertising efforts, or cutting your prices. What to do, will be defined by market research.

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