Communication Development

“Communication with your customer will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace & stability”


The ease with which companies can now communicate globally, multiplies the number of effective competitors in many sectors. If brands fail to distinguish themselves in this explosion of competition, they will be seen as interchangeable, leaving price as the key discriminating factor. Statistical analysis of the impact on satisfaction and advocacy of more emotional and intangible attributes, as well as observed behaviour tell us that emotions play a very important role. Research helps validate the emotional trigger points of customers, narrowing your communication strategy.


With an understanding of what the ‘ideal’ brand in a market will represent to its target audience, a brand must then be inextricably and uniquely connected to that positioning. At its most compelling, a relevant brand so strongly connects with its audience, their lives and needs, that nothing else will do. Developing communication with your audience takes consistency, understanding pitfalls & proactive measures towards course correction. Verace enables the communication process. A product can be distinguished by its functional features or benefits, whilst a brand needs to feel different. Only then can there be loyalty beyond reason.

The first step of improving service quality is to start measuring service quality; it is hard to improve that which is not measured. The second step is to start identifying gaps between the customers’ perception of service quality and the service provider’s desired level of performance. The final step is to use this new found information to look for ways to improve service quality.

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