Back in 2007, when the market was at the brink of change, India was poised for tremendous technological changes. The old had not fully relinquished it’s hold on the world. Verace was born with a mission to deliver actionable insights.

Verace grew by embracing diversity. India is a land of opportunity, the mother of diversity and there is no consumer like the Indian consumer. We are a tough-minded lot, enduring through challenges & rising to the top with sheer perseverance. The Indian mentality is a rare but an important one for a marketer to understand. What are its nuances? What are the triggers and barriers? Which is that so-called sweet spot for a marketer to target? Verace has dabbled with these questions from its inception & perfected its insights with experience and intellect.

Growth was inevitable. Verace grew manifold by expanding its research services to all sectors & providing insights backed by data that could drive decisions. Verace had to confront many challenges, such as a drastic shift in culture of work, technological advances, economic recessions & ever-changing market conditions.

Through all this Verace endured with one belief. The Indian market was poised for a grand breakthrough. India has one of the largest youth populations in the world, we hold the record in having the largest number of start-ups, India is constantly innovating, growing & embracing change. Enter the “new consumer”. The smart consumer. She knows what she wants, she is aware of your competition & she is spoilt for choice. Verace understands this consumer. We enable you to refine your product/service so that she is absolutely sold on buying it.

Our vision is simple, to understand & continue understanding the ever-changing Indian market conditions for any product/service. We revel in delivering insights that bring clarity to your decision-making process. We enjoy extracting meaningful data to push you further up the corporate food chain. We are a full-service marketing research agency delivering actionable insights that tap into your full potential. We are Verace.

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