Satisfaction & Loyalty Analysis

“Satisfied customers aren’t necessarily loyal customers, but consistently measuring customer satisfaction is a great way to increase customer retention.”


This type of research is aimed at identifying key drivers of satisfaction and measuring the likelihood of customers to continue using a company’s products and services. Determine what factors influence loyalty, advocacy, and repeat purchases, including product/service attributes, company operation, customer service, price, etc.


Customer satisfaction is dynamic and relative. Only the idea “customer centric” can help companies improve satisfaction and keep customer truly. With Customer Loyalty Research we can carefully monitor overall satisfaction, recommendation likelihood, and defection likelihood over time. Verace would help you in providing early warnings about emerging gaps in product/service performance, customer service, and processes that might lead to customer defection.


Dealership loyalty programs aim to understand how each dealership/service provider for your product retains the customer. How do they interact with the customer, where is the gap, what are the improvement areas, what training can be provided to the sales persons. Market Research aims to answer the above questions.

It is important to plan and be intentional about your customer retention efforts- since, loyal customers, will not just appear out of thin air. New brands mostly focus on customer acquisition (new customers), which makes sense, since they are yet to have an existing customer base to build on. However, once a brand starts growing, it will quickly need to start focusing on customer retention, as well as acquisition, in order to maximize its revenue and keep afloat.

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